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April 05, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Mikrobs helps growers, gardeners, and landscapers bring up their plants in their healthiest state without having to rely on any kind of harmful chemical assistance. One 8 oz pouch of Mikrobs contains 100 billion microbes* consisting of Bacillus (rhizobacteria), Glomus (endomycorrhizae), Trichoderma (beneficial fungi), as well as various other supplements that provide the microbes with excellent nutrients and growing bed in the soil. Without these additional supplements the microbes will have to fight for their own survival rather than actively working for the plants whose growth they are meant to assist.

The three microbes in the blend- Bacillus, Glomus, and Trichoderma, live symbiotically with plants, and yield higher synergy when placed together. Scientific experiments conducted by Microbial Applications show evidence that products containing a single inoculant (one microbe specie) often fail to perform optimally under varying field conditions and are vulnerable to predation of native rhizosphere microflora. The blending of multiple bioinoculants in Mikrobs actively helps manage rhizospheres by maintaining the beneficial microfloral populations through the combined symbiotic interaction between all the partner microbes. It has been proven that the comprisal of more than one microorganism better promotes plant growth- the various mechanisms of which include the morphological and physiological changes to the root system leading to an expansion of lateral roots and root hairs that facilitate increased nutrient and water absorption.

Microbial Applications, with the involvement of local gardeners, landscapers, and biologists, have worked for years to develop the optimal formula, and have managed to create the current blend contained in Mikrobs, guaranteed to bring about the most effective and organic results in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping.

*The standard makeup of 100 billion microbes being [1 x 10 (11)] Rhizobacteria (Bacillus spp.), [6,000] Endomycorrhizae (Glomus spp.), [3 x 10 (8)] Beneficial Fungi (Trichoderma spp.) .

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Keifer calkins
Keifer calkins

October 03, 2023

Can this be used for pasture grass

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