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Microbial Applications, with a combined expertise in microbiology and cultivation, is a manufacturer of microbial products for organic growers, landscapers, and gardeners. Over the decades we have witnessed our landscapes, and furthermore, our earth, rapidly losing its vigor due to years of chemical applications in the soil. Chemicals not only destruct the soil ecosystem of microbes and nutrients, but also ruin prey-predator food chains, which lead to extensively more far-reaching effects than one can initially assume. Pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and insects proliferate in exponential speeds, and with this overpowering proliferation in effect, they are able to adapt increasingly rapidly to develop immunity to these chemicals. However, most beneficial predators are not so adaptable and are most often killed or driven off the land by the toxicity of these same chemicals. This phenomenon opens the door wide to the harmful pathogens we sought to eliminate most in the first place. What now? Faster, more desperate actions would be needed to control these multiplied pathogens – with us resorting to more frequent and higher volumes of chemical application. With this never ending vicious cycle in place, we will all be affected- we will all end up paying a devastatingly high cost despite our best efforts- all for nothing but the destruction of life and land.

Our first priority lies in restoring life back in depleted soils, and Mikrobs has formulated the most sustainable way to do so. With our expertise and experience, Microbial Applications will be putting in our greatest efforts to introduce the most refined and effective organic, bio-products as a small but meaningful contribution to restoring our earth.



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