Why Mikrobs: How is Mikrobs sustainable yet more effective?

April 05, 2019 2 min read

Did you know that whenever you use almost any kind of chemical fertilizer, you end up depleting our Earth of resources?

Chemicals in commercial growth supplements are capable of destroying soil ecosystems, killing or causing mutation pressures on soil microbes that other organisms in the ecosystem require in order to survive. Commercial pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides include a large selection of chemical agents that end up eliminating positive biological and natural forces in landscape and agriculture. Included in this category are herbicides for killing plants, insecticides for killing insects, and fungicides for killing fungi. While these chemicals supposedly only target specific species, repeated use inevitably leads to extermination of other microbial life that is essential to a healthy soil system. Alternatively, microbes that survive this process are prone to genetic mutations that no longer benefit the soil ecosystem in addition to becoming resistant to the chemicals intended to eliminate them. The destruction or alteration of first-level microbes can affect the entire soil ecosystem, leading all the way up to the largest mammalian existence.

We conveniently resort to frequent use of chemicals because they cause potential spikes in growth. However, we often ignore that these initial spikes are only brief & temporary and leave the soil unusable for future use in return. Mikrobs is the sustainable, non-chemical solution to this problem of harm & waste that affects not only your plants and soil, but ultimately our collective Earth.

Bioinoculants containing microorganisms is an effective alternative for chemicals in every aspect. Bioinoculants possess the ability to convert nutritionally important elements to available and absorbable forms through biological processes, in addition to protecting plants from harmful pathogens. During the last few decades, PGPR (plant growth promoting rhizobacteria) has been increasingly employed in agriculture to improve nutrient availability in soil, stress tolerance in plants, and sustainability of production. Today, decades long verification of positive results has led to its application being promoted more than ever.

Mikrobs has taken these decades worth of research and has discovered the optimal formula, combining multiple bioinoculants that create synergistic results. While most other products contain a single growth promoter, Mikrobs has gone the extra mile to find the most effective blend possible of multiple promoters that consists of 100% healthy, organic matter.

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