September 25, 2021 2 min read

Mikrobs Field Test Report: Wildwood Flower Farm Edition

Wildwood Flower Farm is a family farm located in the state of Washington and they are known for their sustainable, sun-grown cannabis plants. Wildwood Flower Farm started using Mikrobs in 2019 and after seeing success with Mikrobs, they have gradually increased the usage of Mikrobs in their cannabis operations. This report contains fields observations of the effects of Mikrobs on their cannabis plants.

Plants that were given Mikrobs:  Cannabis

Application Duration:

  • Since 2019
  • Previously (2019-2020): Down to Earth supplemented with Mikrobs and Mammoth P
  • Currently (2020- Now): Switched over to mostly Mikrobs

Application Regimen:

  • Application Equipment: Mini sprinklers that run through 140 mesh filter
  • Application Method: Mix the products with water in a tank and pump it out through sprinklers
  • Application Frequency: Typically, every time plants are watered


    • Aims: Water retention, pH control
    • Expectations: Mikrobs will condition the soil, helping it avoid pH fluctuations as opposed to the fluctuations that would occur, along with other problems, without Mikrobs
    • Results: With Mikrobs, pH fluctuations were controlled, there was uniform growth, transplant shocks were reduced, and problems were eliminated overall

    Improvements/Differences in Growth Patterns After Implementing Mikrobs:

    • More uniform growth
    • Increased vigor throughout all the plant growth phases
    • Overall plant health
    • Problem-free growth

    Overall Experience / Additional Comments:

    • Really easy to use
    • Mixes well in tank, passes through filter well, no issues being used with sprinkler system
    • Very Soluble

    Personal commentary, application demonstration, and additional observations from the growers at Wildwood Flower Farm can be accessed here:

    (Due to the cannabis age restriction policies of YouTube, the video can only be accessed when you're 18+ and logged into YouTube)


    Check out Mikrobs here:

    Check out Wildwood Flower Farm (@wildwoodflowerfarm on IG) here:

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