Mikrobs- Microbial Superpack 8 oz.

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Mikrobs is an OMRI-Listed 100% certified organic soil amendment. It is a healthy growth promoter that helps produce metabolites, which promote plant growth and increased photosynthesis. Mikrobs creates root shields and sturdier root systems, improves soil porosity, enhances cation exchange capacity and nutrient-uptake, while simultaneously protecting plants from fungal pathogens, parasitic bacteria & insects. Most importantly, it is sustainable for long-term use, as it retains organic matter & nutrients in the soil, in addition to further supplying numerous minerals, leading to enduring improvements in soil health. All in all, it reduces biotic and abiotic stresses, encouraging sturdier and greener stems & leaves.

Mikrobs works for annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, crops, fruit trees, shrubs, any other indoor and outdoor plants. It can also be a great addition for actively aerated compost tea. Cultivated and manufactured in USA.

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Brian Wholley, Director of Microbiology

Mikrobs is a superior product based on a diverse inclusion of microbial content and the appropriate nutrients corresponding to the needs of the included microbes. There are many microbial products currently out there available for different agricultural, gardening uses, but most are single-organism based, compared to the diversity of microorganisms in Mikrobs.  Another thing worth noting is the nutritional content.  Most other microbial products are limited to microbial content, excluding any other kind of additional nutrients.  Mikrobs contains a diversified nutrient package with different functions and use rates, ensuring the right conditions for the different microbial consortiums to establish themselves successfully in the soil columns

Bob Brewer, Property Manager / FL

We had eight bromeliads installed in a commercial property during a landscape renovation last May. Half of them died in less than two months, due to Phytophthora causing root rot. I first considered a chemical fungicide, but chemical fungicides should only be used for emergencies, not long term growth! So I sought help from a friend gardener who suggested Mikrobs. With a shovel of fresh garden soil into each pit, and with multiple application of Mikrobs over a couple of months, I am witnessing that all the replacement Bromeliads are still alive and in good shape. Truly, I can’t disapprove- Mikrobs beat out any other soil amendments out there. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Fast service.

Matt H.
Perfect all-in-one solution

This combination is absolutely astonishing! I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed by the performance of this product...

We've been observing the ways in which naturally occurring living organisms, like fungi and bacteria, have developed these remarkable symbiotic relationships with our plants. Most of us are familiar with the benefits of myco. BUT! the world of beneficial organisms is much broader than most people realize...

This pack brings together an exceptional array of beneficials into one incredibly convenient package... It includes Myco, Trichoderma, and Bacillus... on top of all that it faslo includes nutrients that have proven to enhance the effectiveness of these organisms. Really can't complain about the composition...

To be honest, it's probably the closest thing to a perfect all-in-one solution that I've encountered! I truly appreciate not having to stock up on multiple products...

I've noticed a significant improvement in my plants within just 6 weeks of using it!!

I usually apply 1 tsp per gallon, using it for watering new seeds, transplants, and then approximately once a month...

Laurie Nil.
Some hits, some misses

Just two weeks in, and I'm noticing an increasing tendency for the product to clump together. This is something I've never encountered before with either the first bag I used or with Recharge. I've also observed that the zipper isn't sealing completely, which seems to be letting moisture in somehow. My concern is that this might impact the product's quality, despite it being a fresh bag and with plenty more to use.

I initially made the switch from Recharge and have been using this alternative for nearly a year now. While it's true that it's more budget-friendly than Recharge, it does require a teaspoon per gallon, whereas Recharge only needs half a teaspoon. This dosage difference does make an impact, and I'm hoping that the situation doesn't lead to anaerobic conditions that could potentially compromise the batch. Unfortunately, I'm now beyond the return period, so I can't explore that option. The next steps will involve monitoring how my plants respond moving forward. But so far my plants seem to be doing quite okay and seem to be responding to it better than Recharge so hopefully the switch was worth it. Only time will tell.

Marc Hamm
Good Fungus, wasn't a disppointment!!

I've been a bit disappointed with the handful of different microbes that I've tried for my garden. They all seem to work similarly, and it doesn't seem worth spending an arm and leg on them. Mikrobs made a difference! These microbes have increased my growth rate by 50% and given me a full layer of fungus on top, which is something I've never seen with any other product. It's real deal!

Will S.
Still new to Mikrobs but looking good so far...

I just started using Mikrobs this spring for pretty much everything. I have a small space in my balcony where I grow vegetables and I also own several houseplants which I tend to in my apartment. I've been using Mikrobs for both and so far they all look great! The vegetable plants seem to be coming along great and healthy. my tomato plants are doing particularly well and I haven't had any issues yet. I don't get a ton of sunlight in my apartment but since I've started giving Mikrobs to my houseplants, they seem to be perking up and greener? All in all, looks good so far... no diseases no rots no pests... so far so good.