September 20, 2021 2 min read

Mikrobs Field Test Report: Arcanna Flowers Edition

Arcanna Flowers is a Californian Mendocino County based alliance of farmers cultivating sun grown, organic cannabis. We teamed up with the Chief of Operations at Herbanology (under Arcanna Flowers) for a trial-by-trial analysis of the effects of Mikrobs on cannabis plants. The goal of this project was to specifically observe how Mikrobs would work with cannabis plants in a Californian climate.

Trial Setup:

  • First row: Watered with Mikrobs-mix
  • Second row: Control variable
  • Third Row: Given an Arcanna-specific blend that they generally feed to all of their plants

Trial Length: 1 Growing Cycle

Observations on Growth:

  • Plants in the Mikrobs-treated row showed:
    • An exceptional uniformity in growth in comparison to the other rows
    • Consistency in growth pace and growth rate all while growth occurred quickly
    • By end of growing cycle, all plants reached the same robust height

Observations on Effectiveness Against Fungal Diseases:

  • Background Information: Arcanna had faced some serious fungal issues during the previous growing season with fusarium infestations, so one of their primary focuses in this trial (other than growth) was to see how effective Mikrobs would be in preventing fungal diseases.
  • Treatment Plan:
    • Mikrobs-treated row was placed in an area where oak trees with fusarium had previously been placed.
    • After removing the infected plants and treating the are with a hydrogen peroxide mix, a new row of cannabis plants was planted and given Mikrobs.
  • Results:
    • No reemergence of fungal diseases was spotted throughout the season
    • Mikrobs was effective in preventing a re-infestation in an area that was previously affected by fusarium


  • Two things stood out from this trial:
    1. Uniformity in growth
    2. Effective prevention against fungal diseases

Additional Observations:

  • Trial occurred while the season was drier, so there may be varying effects when applied to plants during wetter seasons.


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