Mikro-Root 2 oz. by Mikrobs

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Mikro-Root, a bio-fertilizer and phosphate solubilizer, is an essential product for effective organic root management for healthier and bigger disease-free root zones. 

Mikro-Root promotes plant growth not through a single simple mechanism, but through a holistic approach- suppressing or competing out pathogens, increasing resistance against abiotic stressors, solubilizing insoluble minerals and phosphate, encouraging root growth and nutrient uptake leading to active photosynthesis, and invigorating plant metabolism. 

Millions of Trichoderma fungi in Mikro-Root colonize roots and solubilize fixed phosphate in soil & insoluble trace elements such as Cu, Fe, Mn, Mg, Zn, making them readily available to plants. Two highly concentrated Trichoderma strains in Mikro-Root help plants produce phytohormones, which encourage growth of lateral roots and root hairs. They also produce metabolites that enhance resistance against abiotic stresses (like droughts, salinity, heavy metals, extreme temperatures, etc.). Mikro-Root is good for seed health, leading to increased germination rates. Mikro-Root is a true root whisperer!

2 oz of Mikro-Root water soluble powder can make up to 22 gallons of water solution and treat up to 150 plants (1 gallon pot). 

100% Organic. Cultivated and manufactured in the USA.  

Check out our blog post to read more in depth about Trichoderma and Mikro-Root.

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Brian Wholley, Director of Microbiology

Mikrobs is a superior product based on a diverse inclusion of microbial content and the appropriate nutrients corresponding to the needs of the included microbes. There are many microbial products currently out there available for different agricultural, gardening uses, but most are single-organism based, compared to the diversity of microorganisms in Mikrobs.  Another thing worth noting is the nutritional content.  Most other microbial products are limited to microbial content, excluding any other kind of additional nutrients.  Mikrobs contains a diversified nutrient package with different functions and use rates, ensuring the right conditions for the different microbial consortiums to establish themselves successfully in the soil columns

Bob Brewer, Property Manager / FL

We had eight bromeliads installed in a commercial property during a landscape renovation last May. Half of them died in less than two months, due to Phytophthora causing root rot. I first considered a chemical fungicide, but chemical fungicides should only be used for emergencies, not long term growth! So I sought help from a friend gardener who suggested Mikrobs. With a shovel of fresh garden soil into each pit, and with multiple application of Mikrobs over a couple of months, I am witnessing that all the replacement Bromeliads are still alive and in good shape. Truly, I can’t disapprove- Mikrobs beat out any other soil amendments out there. 

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