Mikro-Bloom Wizard (8 fl.oz. / 16 fl.oz. / 1 gal.)

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Mikro-BW contains two exceptional strains of soil microbes – Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens – carefully cultivated and selected for their strength, resilience, adaptiveness to new environments, and all-around effectiveness in diverse growing conditions.

When in soil, these beneficial bacteria start forming colonies around the root system and begin actively assisting plant growth through nitrogen assimilation and conversion of fixed nutrients into readily available forms. Alternatively, when applied to leaves, Bacillus bacteria form thin bio-coatings that thwart outer threats. They also propagate when they come into contact with organic matter. Mikro-BW contains non-microbial organic matter in addition to microbes such as amino acid, humic acid, fulvic acid, and kelp extract for exactly this purpose. The non-microbial elements serve as a source of nutrition for plants as well as microbes, helping them survive and propagate.

Extensive research shows that both soil and foliar applications of certain soil microbes, like Bacillus, can significantly increase plant/crop yields, fruit weight, shoot length/diameter, root mass, etc. However, most soil microbes are not commonly applied to non-root areas, and similarly, most growth-promoting microbial products are not commonly used in foliar applications. Mikro-BW is a one-of-a-kind innovative and versatile microbial inoculant that can be applied to soils, leaves, and hydro systems- targeting both soils and leaves. Meet all your needs and cover all your growth bases with just Mikro-BW!

Cultivated and manufactured in the USA. 

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Brian Wholley, Director of Microbiology

Mikrobs is a superior product based on a diverse inclusion of microbial content and the appropriate nutrients corresponding to the needs of the included microbes. There are many microbial products currently out there available for different agricultural, gardening uses, but most are single-organism based, compared to the diversity of microorganisms in Mikrobs.  Another thing worth noting is the nutritional content.  Most other microbial products are limited to microbial content, excluding any other kind of additional nutrients.  Mikrobs contains a diversified nutrient package with different functions and use rates, ensuring the right conditions for the different microbial consortiums to establish themselves successfully in the soil columns

Bob Brewer, Property Manager / FL

We had eight bromeliads installed in a commercial property during a landscape renovation last May. Half of them died in less than two months, due to Phytophthora causing root rot. I first considered a chemical fungicide, but chemical fungicides should only be used for emergencies, not long term growth! So I sought help from a friend gardener who suggested Mikrobs. With a shovel of fresh garden soil into each pit, and with multiple application of Mikrobs over a couple of months, I am witnessing that all the replacement Bromeliads are still alive and in good shape. Truly, I can’t disapprove- Mikrobs beat out any other soil amendments out there.