FAQ - Miscellaneous

Q: Should I give fertilizer while applyingMikrobs?

A:  It is not necessary as Mikrobs is an effective standalone product. However, giving extra fertilizer can bring about even better outcomes, especially when dealing with flowering plants and crops. Mikrobs contains various nutrients for microbes, a portion of which are also able to enhance the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Q: Can I spray chemical insecticide or fungicide  whileMirobs is being applied ?

A: The microbes in the product can withstand harsh conditions, including chemical sprays. You can use chemical sprays when absolutely necessary, but we recommend that you avoid periodical use.

Q: When is the right time to stop applyingMikrobs?

A: There aren’t clear guidelines as to when to stop application, as there is for a chemical product. In general, the microbes become most active on the 6th day of application. However, you will be able to observe effects after only 2-3 applications. You can make a decision on further application after 5-6 shots. 

Q: It looks likeMikrobs is not working for my plant, what should I do now ?

A: Mikrobs has been commercialized after years of development by a Bio Tech R&D with the collaboration of field professionals such as gardeners, farmers and landscapers. If you don’t see desired results, the issue may be one of the following:

       - the plant is already dead
       - the plant is already irreversibly damaged by disease
       - the plant is installed in the wrong place (e.g. contaminated soil)
       - the plant is large, in which case it should take longer to see improvement

Q: I already use an organic fertilizer in the garden. Do I still need to useMikrobs?

A : A vast majority of fertilizers currently in the market are either chemicals, synthetic organics, or self-proclaimed organics that turn out to be chemicals. All these types of “organic” fertilizers do not actually contribute to improving the soil, but rather deplete it instead. You will eventually need to add authentic natural, organic matter or fertilizer further down the road, requiring a lot of restorative efforts at a higher monetary cost. Mikrobs is made of authentic organic and non-GMO ingredients that can be used for both enhancing nutrients uptake and improving soil conditions, at any time and under any circumstances.    

Q: Storage/Shelf Life?

A: Keep the product in a cool and dry area, avoiding direct sunlight. Product can last up to 2 years if stored under ideal conditions!

Q: The powder is very light and I’m afraid that it will get into my eyes and nose. Are there any precautions I should be taking?

A: Mikrobs is made of fine water-soluble powders, so users do not need to spend too much time trying to dissolve it in water. It should be super easy to use! With a few simple stirs, you won't be seeing any powder residues. We recommend placing the pouch in the direction of the wind so that powder particles are not blown towards your face. Small amounts of particles in your breathing organs or your eyes do not cause bad symptoms or health issues. But if significant quantities happen to get into your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with flowing water and visit the doctor. If you feel odd or dizzy after inhaling too much of the particles for some reason, please get professional medical help.

Q: When Mikrobs is mixed into water, it turns into a dark color. Will it stain my clothes?

A: Mikrobs-blended water is dark-brown to dark-grey depending on the concentration. The Humic Acid and Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp powder added for soil amendments is what gives it this color. According to our tests with various fabrics, the splashes from the blend can stain light-colored clothes, but can be easily washed off with detergent or soap. If you treat it just like when handling gardening soil or black earth, you will feel more comfortable.

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Our Guarantee

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